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Lead Vocalist of that 60's Girl Group

"The Toys"

 with Top 10 Hits
"A Lovers Concerto" and "Attack"

Barbara Now
Lioness of the stage                   

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Perform on the
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In September of 1965 a record was released on the DynaVoice label that was to become an international, all-time classic. "A LOVERS CONCERTO" by "THE TOYS" entered the charts and in just six short weeks surpassed luminaries the likes of "THE BEATLES, THE SUPREMES, ELVIS PRESLEY, THE ROLLING STONES, THE FOUR TOPS, STEVIE WONDER" etc.. The song reached NUMBER ONE , becoming a million seller. The voice singing lead, was that of
As a piece of trivia, she also sang one of the background parts in the harmony. The success of "THE TOYS" carried Barbara to countries all over the world. England, Holland, Germany, Japan, Australia just to name a few. After recording several other singles and an album entitled The Toys Sing "A Lover's Concerto" and "Attack", which has just been re-released on CD, on the “Sundazed” label), Barbara left the group, had a family and raised a total of seven children. While raising her family she never stopped singing. Married to a musician, Ken Wiltshire, they continually played in small local groups whose styles ranged from Jazz, to Blues and R&B. 

IN 1986 THE ORIGINAL "TOYS" reformed and for two years did Concerts, Night clubs, and Oldie shows. Although they no longer work together, they have maintained their friendship over the years. Afterwards Barbara continued to sing with her local band, "Rhythm&Babs". She regularly Performs the Meadowlands singing in Mr. Richard Nader's shows, and Westbury Music Fair in Mr. Dick Fox's shows with Mr. Joe Rivers as Johnny of "Johnny and Joe" a fifties duet. She did background work at several local studios, and lead work for some up and coming song writers.  1986
Barbara never liked to be tied to one style of music, which is what made her local band so much fun. Each night she performed 20 to 30 songs and did Gospel, blues, R&B, Rock, and Pop. 

That was Barbara then.


Hi! I'm Barbara, And I just want to tell you that this is truly the high point of my musical life thus far and a true labor of love. I co-produced and arranged the entire project . I also wrote all but two of the songs, and I'm just thrilled. 

My journey has taken me through Gospel, Blues, R&B, Rock&Roll, Pop and Jazz.  The sum of all this is the Barbara I am now. I hope you can hear all the musical influences of my life in my music.

Barbara Harris - Barbara Now

Barbara has just completed, what she considers to be the pinnacle of her musical life's journey thus far.
She has just released Her first Solo CD entitled

When an artist with legendary status like Barbara Harris 
totally removes herself from the sound that brought her worldwide fame,and creates a work so perfect in mood, joy, and magic, it gives jaded critics an opportunity to run to the typewriter and write volumes about the value of artists who aren't afraid to take risks.

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